Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to make your blog popular?

Inn order to make a blog popular, is to write something that can create a resonance among the readers. Like Kennysia, Xiaxue, RPK, they are writing things that make resonance among us.

I think to make your blog popular, you have to define a theme for your blog and define the readers who are going to read,your targeted readers. Who are they, what are their thoughts, what they are expecting from your themed blog and etc. Write something that kick the world into their heart. Write from your own idea,writing from the heart would fall onto the other's heart and not merely a copy paste method because if the same article is repeated, it will be ignored by Google Search Engine.  I think with that, your blog will be promoted by word of mouth and along the time, people will start to link to you recommending others to read.

From there on, your readers, sponsors will come along and congratulations, you've done it!

SEO, adsense and other paid marketing are meant for commercial purpose. Absolutely it needs big cost and I bet a blogger who write for leisure (at initial stage) does not want to spend that much of money. For example did you see Kennysia buy advertisement before? I am not sure but I didn't see before so far. But is he famous? You bet.

So bottom line:
Define what you want(readers, themes), bomb it with contents, creativity in presenting the contents and link exchange with others.

What say you?



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